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To go beyond the expectations of our customers through a continued commitment to excellence in service, knowledge, and reliability.

The only thing constant about the travel business, is that it is always changing. Every day – things are different. We understand that there is no “always” and there is no “never”. Every customer is different, has different needs and different values. Our job is discover and recognize these needs and develop the perfect travel solutions.

We help people discover their needs, define their desires, and find the travel products that provide the best solution.

Farmington Travel has full-time, highly experienced and dedicated travel professionals. We employ state of the art travel technologies to manage reservations, generate travel documents and manage customer information.

About Chanda

As a little girl, Chanda Luker dreamed of traveling around the world. However, growing up in Cambodia during the 1970’s, dominated by the Khmer Rouge, it seemed unlikely that Chanda’s dreams would be fulfilled. Between 1975 and ’78, the Khmer Rouge exterminated one quarter of Cambodia’s population in a “social cleansing” campaign that ended only when the Vietnamese invaded the country. The fighting and terror did not end with the invasion, however. Instead it escalated as the Khmer Rouge, Vietnamese and Chinese all battled for control of the country through the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s.

Fortunately for Chanda and her family, they were able to escape the fighting in 1980 when Claude and Jean Vachon, members of the congregation at the Old South Church sponsored the family’s relocation to the United States. Chanda, her mother, stepfather, brother and sisters spent their first three months of peace in Portland, Maine. That winter, they were moved to Farmington. “There was so much snow,” said Chanda of her first winter in Maine. “We had never seen snow before.”

Chanda and Family

Chanda and Family

Life continued quietly for Chanda and her family in their new home. After high school Chanda studied at the Travel Education Center in Nashua, NH, which led to her job at Farmington Travel. “The main reason I love my job is helping people plan their vacations. People save their money for that once in a lifetime trip and it makes me happy when they are happy,” she said. She most enjoys dealing in international travel for the mature travelers, which led to her study of the mature travel and she became a Certified Mature Adult Travel Specialist. She is also a Caribbean and Hawaii Destination Specialist and Cruise Specialist.

Chanda has been selling travel with Farmington Travel for 16 years and is now the owner of Farmington Travel since June 2009. She is busy with work, raising her family. She is happily married to Brad for 19 years and has 2 children together. Her daughter, Cherokee graduated from Mt. Blue High School June 2011 and is deferred one year from UNH. Cherokee, like her mother enjoys traveling around the world. She is in Hong Kong with her aunt traveling around Southeast Asia and will volunteer for 12 weeks in Panama. Her son, Chad is a junior at Mt. Blue High School and loves football, basketball and baseball.

Chanda’s ideal vacation would be a trip where she can learn different cultures and sample different ethnic cuisines. She hopes to accomplish her bucket list of places she is most interested, for an example, Egypt as being one…”To me, Egypt is one of the most mysterious places in the world,” she said.

She is thankful to live in America and to have the opportunity to serve people in travel.

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